Almost no data where there used to be data


    I work in the west end of Cincinnati, and according to the coverage map I should have perfect service. Up until a couple weeks ago, despite having spotty service in the building, I could usually get reliable data rates outside. Now that is not the case anymore. Outside the building, and the surrounding neighborhood, I can no longer get reliable data service. Actual phone calls Havaen't seem affected, only data. When indoors I have 2 bars/LTE, and outside I have 3 bars/LTE, on an iPhone xr. I have a work cell phone, and iPhone 6s, on the at&t network that gets perfect data coverage indoors and outdoors in the neighborhood. What gives?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Almost no data where there used to be data

        Hey there! What is your ZIP code and cross streets there where you work? How far do you have to travel before you do get data to work?

          • kgiov

            Re: Almost no data where there used to be data

            Zip code is 19486, 770 Sumneytown Pike, between Broad Street and Allentown Road.

            When I literally enter the parking garage for my work that is on Broad Street, that’s when I get data. Some days are better than others, but Monday of this week was the worse it’s ever been. I had 2 bars and LTE and no internet/data access. I moved into the garage, still 2 bars and LTE, and I had access.

            As an aside to this, I have the same problem of late at home too; 19465, Maack Rd, cross street is Fulmer which is at the bottom of our hill and we get NO reception there, but we live at the top of the hill on our street.  I have to turn data off when I get home so I’m ONLY on WiFi and then I have no issues. Otherwise, if my cell data is on and WiFi on, internet access is sporadic at best. The cell data seems to override the WiFi there and I’m thinking everywhere, as I find that I’m using a ton of data recently when I haven’t in the past and I’m not using it any more frequently. Not sure if the two are related in any way.



          • magenta8882137

            Same issue here [area 80538]. Started a few weeks ago when the T-Mobile network suffered a total, catastrophic blackout for hours. The network came back eventually, but has been limp ever since. It has never been that great of a network in any location, likely because T-Mobile leases out their network to several other budget providers, so their bandwidth is likely over-sold. However, it generally worked OK.


            It is affecting all four of our lines. Weak signals, dropped calls, calls not ringing, unusually weak data rates, etc. Contacted customer service multiple times to open an engineering support ticket to investigate our area. They said they would open a ticket, but I never received any confirmation and never heard anything back from anyone.


            My work phone is on Verizon and I have 3-4 bars of solid LTE in the same spot [in my basement no less] where the T-Mobile phone barely has 1-2 bars of marginal network upstairs by a window.


            After many years with T-Mobile, I am now shopping for another service provider.

              • tmo_chris

                magenta8882137 - That ZIP covers a pretty large area. Can you get me some cross streets?


                kgiov - I took a look at both of those locations and I am not seeing any tower issues that would cause this. Both areas have plenty of coverage so you should not be seeing issues with data. If you have a moment, please call us so our folks over the phone can gather specific information from you securely and get some network tickets started.

              • mrfurlupple

                Sorry for the late reply, I'm in 45225, on the corner of Beekman and Millvale ct., also I've recently noticed that when I first get to work aroun 8am, the LTE has some connectivity throughout the building and outside, but as the morning progresses, my LTE basically disappears. My phone throughout the day still has bars and LTE showing.

                  • tmo_chris

                    Re: Almost no data where there used to be data

                    I just took a look at that area and it is actually a very strong coverage location. If this is time specific, it could be congestion related. If you have not already, please give us a call so our folks over the phone can gather some more specific info from you securely and we can get a network trouble ticket opened up for you.