Adding second line for my account failure...


    Please tell me how many times I should call to T-Mobile customers care? For two months I try to add the second line for my account, but every time when I come to T-Mobile store or I call T-Mobile customer care, every time I got the same answer... "You can call or come later, I will open a ticket for your issue!".

    That's really not funny already. How many tickets should be opened for fixing one issue?


    I bought a new sim card, then on the recommendation of one support team member, I went to the T-Mobile store and replaced it.


    You don't care about customers?


    I'm already angry about this issue.


    What advice you will give me? I should move to another GSM operator? or you have other advice for me?


    Really... I already tried to make so many calls and spend so much time.

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