No WiFi Calling Moto G7 Power


    Hey everyone,


    I'm at my wits' end on this, and I'm hoping the community can help in some way.  I have a Moto G7 Power (international version, but the phone was activated and in use on a U.S. account).  My home is located in an area with spotty network service (at best), so I really planned to rely on the WiFi Calling feature while at home; however, no setting I change can seem to persuade the phone to use WiFi Calling over attempting to use the (nonexistent) phone network signal.


    WiFi Calling is turned on, WiFi Calling is set to 'prefered' over network calls, and I have a clear WiFi connection with no trouble whatsoever browsing the internet, watching videos, etc.  My e911 address is setup and has been updated multiple times--once even by a representative from T-Mobile customer service, just to be sure I wasn't making any mistakes.  I've attempted calls both with mobile data enabled and disabled, and there are no genuine (that is, numbered) error messages.  Attempts to call when connected to WiFi and with WiFi Calling on are met with the message "Mobile network is not available.  Connect to a wireless network to make a call".  Again, however, I *am* clearly connected to WiFi, as I can browse, view videos, and do anything else data related over WiFi.


    If WiFi Calling is turned off and I attempt to make a call without service, I get a different message: "Mobile network is not available for voice calls", or something like that.  My point is that it doesn't prompt me to connect to a wireless network, so I know that toggling WiFi Calling "on" at least tells the phone that it should be looking for WiFi signals for calling.  The phone just doesn't seem able to connect to the signal to make a call or send a text--even if it's already connected to WiFi and can do just about anything else. 


    Any suggestions?  Folks at my T-Mobile store haven't been especially helpful, as they claim my prepaid, 10GB plan doesn't support WiFi Calling (three different people at T-Mobile customer and technical support insist this plan does support WiFi Calling, however). 

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