Worst customer service


    Friday May 17th picked up OnePlus 7 pro the store was very helpful and friendly. Had issue with phone. Called T-Mobile who said I could return it for new phone. Went back and again very friendly staff. They replaced phone again and transferred all my data. Well this phone does the same thing. Called T-Mobile help and was told to call OnePlus which I did. They had no solution and told me it's T-Mobile's problem. T-Mobile wants me to go back to store and either replace phone with another brand. I want the 7 pro. Well store has sold out of them. So until they receive stock I'm stuck with crappy phone. Over 8 hours wasted between TMobile and OnePlus. The phone just came out last week and I can't even get the color I want. What a waste of time. BTW almost 14 years as a T-Mobile customer and never a day late with any payments.

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