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    Hey, T-Mobile Support Community! National Scavenger Hunt day is just right around the corner, and we're celebrating with a contest! Think you got what it takes to find all 10 links? This scavenger hunt is going to take you to some new places on the support community so even you support community vets out there are gonna have to dig!


    Up for grabs, we have a whopping $50 gift certificate to our BeMagenta.com site where you can pick up some very fashionable T-Mobile gear for yourself, a friend, family member, or anyone who wants to show off their T-Mobile pride!


    The contest:

    Starting today, 5/23/2019, through 5/30/2019, the hunt is on! We want Community members to take a look at the questions below, and hunt for the answers! Each one can be answered using documents and threads located right here on Support or within our Support Community. The winners will be picked based on the number of correct links they identify and provide. If a tie breaker is necessary, we’ll rank submissions based on the order in which they’re received.


    To participate in this contest you must post a comment below letting us know that you’ll be playing. Please, for the love of all that is magenta, don’t post URLs in this thread!  


    After you’ve commented, a Community Manager will send you a private message confirming that we’ve noted your initial entry. Once you’ve found as many of the links as you can (or all of them, you overachiever!), reply to the private message from the Community Manager with a list of the links (the web URL at the top of the page) you’ve found. Safe hunting to all and be careful not to run into the evil 404 monster!


    How to play:

    1.       Post a comment below letting us know you’ll be playing. We’ll send a PM your way!

    2.       Locate all or as many of the items listed below as you can.

    3.       Reply to the private message sent you by the Community Manager to submit your entries.


    What you need to find:

    ·         Where is the video that shows me how to install TVision?


    ·         Where do I see how much it is to add an additional TV to my TVision service?


    ·         Where would someone find information on how to program their TVision remote with their TV?


    ·         How do I order the PPV fight on TVision?


    ·         Where would someone find information on how to set up parental controls on TVision?


    ·         Where would I find out what the LED light mean on my T-Mobile LTE Wi-Fi Gateway?


    ·         What is the website for T-Mobile Home Internet?


    ·         What is the link to the latest blog on our support.t-mobile.com site?


    ·         What thread in the Magenta lounge is only for posting GIFs?


    ·         Where can I find all the latest device deals on support.t-mobile.com




    1.       You must reply to the private message from the Community Manager with your links before 11:59:59 PM PST 5/30/2019 to qualify

    2.       Full list of official rules can be found here Support Community 2019 Scavenger Contest Rules FINAL

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