Number porting problem


    I am trying to have a number ported from a T-Mobile prepaid account in good standing to a T-Mobile postpaid account. I was told this is the simplest Port you can have. It has been well over the 24-hour window they told me it would take. I have talked to various customer service reps. I was told it is currently being process but it might take up to an additional 72 hours to 10 days. I believe there is some issue going on with my account but I am assured there is not but I'm given no reason why this is taking so long. I have had various reps tell me this is unusual and some have said they have never seen it before. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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      • syaoran

        Re: Number porting problem

        Ask to speak to someone in the porting department to get you more of a straight answer and make sure they give you a definite answer as to when it will get done.  When I ported over from T-Mobile prepaid to postpaid, it took overnight, but I didn't request the port until around 9PM, but it was done by 8AM the next day.


        Do you already have your postpaid SIM with a temporary number on it?

          • magenta8601934

            Re: Number porting problem

            I have spoke with several people in the number porting Department. I was told that a support ticket would be created so somebody in a higher Department could work on it since it passed the 24 hour window and that there was no timeline as to when it would go through. It has already been 48 hours since the port was initiated. I received an email yesterday saying my primary number on my prepaid account was canceled. I'm assuming because it's being ported over. I have been using a temporary number they gave me at the store on a new sim card for my postpaid account.