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    I live in India and am getting ready to move home to the US in August. First, though, we are travelling in several countries. We have a T-Mobile card that we bought and used last summer while we were visiting the US. We are hoping to reactivate it during our travels in Armenia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Italy, France, and Canada, but the only plans I can find online would connect us with 2G coverage. It is starting to seem like it would be easiest to simply purchase local SIM cards in each of the countries. I also can't figure out how to ask questions on this website directly of T-Mobile support, so I'm hoping someone at T-Mobile is reading this and can answer.


    Tom Wells

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      • drnewcomb2

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        T-Mobile SIMs are normally purged from the database shortly after the plan expires. I believe that initial use of a new SIM must be on T-Mobile's network. If you have friends or family in the US, you might be able to activate a new plan on a new SIM and have it delivered to them. They could then use the SIM briefly on T-Mobile and send it to you in India. This however would be fraught with potential pitfalls. I suggest you  look into an international prepaid SIM like Piranha Mobile.

        BTW, T-Mobile's international roaming is not limited to 2G networks. They just throttle the free data to "2G-like speed" (128 kbps). This confuses a lot of people. You can pay extra and get higher speed roaming (~500 kbps) but it's still not enough for YouTube and FaceTime videos.

        This is in regards to postpaid roaming. Prepaid is roaming is expensive and often doesn't work.

        • tmo_mike_c

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          As mentioned already, the SIM will likely not be able to reactivate it. As for plans, our most common is the T-Mobile ONE Voice plan. You're welcome to check out our Find the right plan for you . It's got links to more specific features and services you'll be able to take advantage if with coverage in the US.