Samsung t959 Vibrant blank screen after splash screen shows up


    I have a problem with my Samsung 1959 vibrant T-mobile phone. I never dropped, cracked or damaged the phone. I'm the original and only owner. I bought it 9 years ago brand new from a T-mobile store. It was working fine this morning until after I finished transferring internal files to an external sd card.


    Once the files were done transferring, I tried going back to the home screen by pushing the home screen button and nothing happened. I tried going back by touching the back button, nothing happened, then the screen went blank.


    I already tried popping the battery out, then back in, then I wiped everything off the phone by deleting cache data, user data, formatted internal sd-card, then (reinstalled packages), if that is the factory reset feature. Then I reboot the phone and the Samsung splash screen and audio shows up and sounds perfectly fine when I turn it on. The touch screen buttons below the screen light up and will stay lit when I touch them, but nothing shows up on the screen it's self. I even shined a flash light into the screen and I see nothing, just blank.


    I went to a repair shop this morning and he told me it could be corrupted firmware and you will need to reflash the firmware with the right firmware version from a computer, since doing a hard factory reset directly from the phone won't work. I don't know where to find that or even know where to start if that is the issue. I read online that some people have used a program called Odin to reinstall the firmware. I don't know where to get that or the correct firmware to get this problem fixed. I hope this issue is nothing more than finding the right software to reinstall the correct firmware and won't be a job to take into a shop that will cost me money.

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