free data roaming in Europe with LG G7 Thinq


    We have an LG G7 Thinq.  The Tmobile data roaming site says that we can not use this phone for international roaming in most european  countries (Greece for example).  That seems somewhat incredible given that the phone has quad band gsm.  Has anybody tried roaming in Europe with this phone?

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      • drnewcomb2

        I'm not sure which model of the G7 ThinQ you have but it should work fine in Europe.

        • magenta8549210

          As follow up information.  The phone in question is a locked T-Mobile LG G7 thin Q.   If you go to International Plans | Traveling Abroad without Roaming Fees | T-Mobile and put in Greece, and then check the phone with there phone checker, they say it wont work.   The same happens with using Hong Kong as a destination.   So according to T-Mobile this phone will not give free data roaming in Greece or Hong Kong, or a number of other countries.   However, right now, someone I know is in Hong Kong with this phone and the free data roaming is working just fine.   It would appear that T-Mobile's web site is spreading disinformation. 

          • tmo_chris

            I just checked and we have roaming agreements with a couple carriers in both of those countries. I am glad you were able to confirm with a friend that their phone is working there and I will get this escalated up to our web team to have them take a closer look at what is going on.

              • reddirtgrrl

                I'd like to know about Italy. I've talked with two different CSR's today confirming that 3 of our 4 phones won't work when we get there based on info on website.

                  • drnewcomb2

                    You mean you've tried them and they won't work or you looked on T-Mobile's website and it says they won't work?

                    What are the phones?

                      • reddirtgrrl

                        "When we get there" = we are currently not there.


                        I input the country (Italy) and my phone (LG G7 ThinQ... like the OP, the others that won't work are Samsung J7s ) and the answer was no, the phones will not work. I have talked now to 4 different T-Mobile CSRs PLUS someone from LG. T-Moblie's CSRs say the towers they lease aren't compatible with my phone and the CSR from LG says the phone is fine, it's the towers that are the problem. The last T-Mobile rep even checked my phone against a list of frequencies they had for Italy (??). I'm having a hard time understanding why this phone will not work. She told me I might get 2G.


                        Solution: buy a phone that works with my T-Mobile plan and the towers or spend precious vacation time finding a place to purchase an Italian service provider's SIM when I get there. Both of these options are BS.

                          • drnewcomb2

                            There are a bunch of different models of the Samsung J7. Assuming you have the J700T, sold by T-Mobile, it should work in Italy as it has GSM 900 & 1800 and UMTS bands 1 & 8. (According to

                            The G7 ThinQ is even more capable.

                            • Frequencies:
                              • GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz; UMTS: B1, B2, B4, B5;
                            • LTE Bands:
                              • 2/4/5/12/46/66/71
                            • LTE Roaming:
                              • 1/3/7/13/20/38/39/40/41


                            I've highlighted the bands that work in Europe. If someone tells you "the towers aren't compatible" they're talking nonsense. When I enter "Nexus 5x" under the Ireland roaming page it says "Sorry, your device is not compatible." but it worked perfectly when we were there last Spring. You have to understand who T-Mobile hires to answer customer question. They are called "Team of Experts" but they really can do little beyond reading what their internal website tells them. Anyone who understands the technology will find dealing with the "Team of experts" very frustrating.  T-Mobile also has a bad habit of leaving phone technical information off of their website. 

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                              • reddirtgrrl

                                Thank you for the information! This is so very frustrating. We'll just try it and if they don't work we'll figure something out. It's not like I'm going to be on my phone 24/7 and all the places we're staying have WiFi. (Just wanted to be able to keep up with our kids and traveling companions just in case.) But it really irritates me that T-Mobile has erroneous information on their site.


                                As for the J7 (it was purchased at Costco and is the "Star" version)... I may have misspoken. It's the 2 Galaxy J3 Primes we have that they also said wouldn't work.


                                Thanks again for the info. 

                                  • drnewcomb2

                                    I can't find tech specs (other than on this site) for the J3 Prime, so all bets are off. According to the specs on this site, they are not compatible with international roaming. The J7 Star (SM-J737T) is supposed to have GSM 900 & 1800, UMTS band I and LTE bands 1, 3 & 7. So the J7 should work. (I'd have no problem taking it.)


                                    (n.b. I've seen some specs that say the J3 Prime has GSM 900 & 1800, which means that they will have voice and text but data will be too slow to use.)