Revvl Plus update (OS, not security)


    Hey T-Mobile (and community!),


    I purchased a Revvl Plus as an inexpensive 'extra' phone, something I could depend on if ever my daily driver should be lost, break, go down for the count (say, I have to leave it someplace for repair) or something I could loan to friends/family visiting from other countries. I thought to myself, this device would likely have the one thing that sort of made me switch from Android to iOS in the first place, that is, OS upgrades, since it is carrier branded and there shouldn't be issues for T-Mobile getting it done. I don't generally buy things with updates in mind, especially Android because I have mostly learned my lesson. However, it seems I had one more lesson to learn.


    My Revvl Plus is still on 7.1.1 and has only received security updates (which I'm thankful for, btw). I have to say that I really expected more. I've seen devices with way less 'power' under the hood receive OS upgrades. So do 'we' just forget about Android upgrades when it comes to Revvl and Revvl Plus devices? I really like mine, but if it's never going to get Ore, Pie or Q then I'd have been better off with a Motorola G5s or some other brand that does get updates. It also means that as good as the T-mobile phones are, especially at the price, I would not be able to recommend them in good conscience. After all, I'd only recommend a phone/device that I would use myself and I don't recommend phones that will never get Android OS upgrades.


    Please T-Mobile, say it ain't so? Please tell me Revvl Plus devices will get an android upgrade at some point?




    P.S (even if it doesn't, I still love T-Mobile!)

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