"Difficulty access the Voicemail server" Android Visual Voicemail


    For a few months now, the Visual Voicemail Android App on my Galaxy Note 8 has not worked.


    There are no voicemails listed even though I have voicemails (I have to call the voicemail listen) and when I hit 'Refresh' in the app, an error message appears briefly that says, "We're sorry, we are having difficulty access the Voicemail server. Please try again in a few minutes."


    I am currently on WiFi but get the same error when I'm not.


    The app used to work fine, and stopped working after one of the Android updates. I've uninstalled and re-installed the app several times since and still get the same error.


    I am currently running Android version 9 (Pie), One UI version 1.0 on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


    Thank you for your help!

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