Cannot access Account options on (error)


    I need help from T-Mobile on fixing an account issue.  It seems that neither me nor anyone else on my account can access the "Account" tab on


    • Post-paid account
    • Problem affects multiple people
    • Problem occurs on website with any browser (safari, chrome, firefox, edge)
    • Problem occurs on mobile and with the T-Mobile App


    Immediately after logging into, we are presented with a blank screen:


    Then after clicking on the "Account" tab, we are immediately presented with an error message:


    We are currently having trouble with your request. Please wait a few minutes and try again.



    We are unable to make any account changes without having to call T-Mobile support or contacting support via chat.


    This same problem also affects the T-Mobile app, when attempting to make any changes, like access my "add-ons":


    The problem is most certainly a server-side issue with either my account or the website.

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