Moto G7 play with band 71


    How is the moto g7 play with band 71 on tmobile?  Does the band 71 give higher speeds?  is it worth buying the g7 play over g7 to get band 71?


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      • snn555

        Re: Moto G7 play with band 71

        Band 71 will get you better coverage in different areas .It's not necessarily faster .

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        • syaoran

          Re: Moto G7 play with band 71

          Personally, I have found band 71 to be faster.  That might be different though in larger cities.  Band 71 is still fairly new though and a lot of devices that people are using still don't have it.  If band 71 is available where you intend on using your debice regularly, I think it would be worth while to get a device with it.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Moto G7 play with band 71

            Good question. I'd just like to add that band 71 is designed to help improve in-building coverage, but doesn't necessarily guarantee faster speeds as speeds can vary from place to place.

            • drnewcomb2

              Re: Moto G7 play with band 71

              I bought the G7 Power. There's no band-71 in my area yet due to TV station relocation schedules but when I needed to replace my old phone I wanted to make sure the replacement would have band 71. As I understand it, the G7 series have only two-way carrier aggregation (2CA), which may make them not the best phone for highly congested markets (e.g. NYC, L.A., etc). They should be more than adequate for most markets.