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    Dear Tmobile and Community!


    I wanted to share my experience and ask for help to see who I can speak to or where to get help to find a resolution to my situation.  I wanted to preface by saying I have very much appreciated the help I have received in the past and have been surprised at my less than great experience with this issue.


    My issue starts on Monday, when I am unable to use cellular data. I call to speak to a T-mobile representative who goes through the standard troubleshooting protocol. No luck. Later that day, I go to a T-Mobile store and an employee looks at my phone and tries to fix it.  He sees that my screen has crack (which has been there for 1.5 years) and after trying to fix it, concludes that the phone is physically broken and that I need to buy a new phone.  He mentions it's not even worthwhile to call T-Mobile for additional help because my phone is broken. Using the information that my phone is broken, I spend a few hours setting up and going through the motions to get all the documents in order in order to file an insurance claim for my cell phone protection. 


    I later find decide to troubleshoot the phone myself.  A new thing happens and I find that I am automatically navigated to web2go.com when I try to go to google.com (which did not happen when I was at the T-Mobile store) and I am also able to browse the t-mobile.com website.  I look this up and find the solution here: https://support.t-mobile.com/thread/146382 


    I believe this problem was started because one month ago, I ran out of data and called to ask to pay for additional data.  The representative very specifically indicated that I would pay for a one time add on.  I suppose that after the month ended, instead of reverting back to how things were initially set up (4gb per month allocation), the system had just taken data away from my line completely.  I had to figure this out completely on my own, and it was surprising that neither the first representative nor the store employee could tell me this was the problem. It ultimately cost me hours of aggravation and frustration. All I want to do is get my account back to how it was and for T-Mobile to make it right. 


    When I called earlier today, after finding the solution to my problem, I reach a representative who was cheerful but unable to truly assist me.  I explain everything, including the solution.  However I felt like I was speaking to a 'human robot'.  The representative upset me at several points in the conversation.  The representative stated the following:

    1) My line did not have data and I could purchase data at $20 per month (I did not need data - my plan should already include 4gb of data and that just needed to be restored, so asking me to pay more was like slap in the face)

    2) The previous plan that I had was expired, which caused my loss of data (I have been on a family plan for years, everyone else's service is functioning well and I am the only person having issues)

    3) Said that they added data back to my plan and tried to finish the conversation with that (I had clarified multiple times that I was expecting a solution that included, at minimum, a restoration of the data on my line.  I also communicated that I expected T-Mobile should go above and beyond that to make things right for my loss of time and frustration.  I was frankly expecting at least this month's bill to be compensated, so to try to end the conversation after knowing my expectations, without addressing it, was irritating.)

    4) After being transferred to a supervisor, who also felt dismissive, our call was dropped.  I never received a call back. I was too frustrated to call back and wait on hold and potentially talk through the situation again.


    At this time, I do not know if my line was restored to how it was originally set up, but I would like to speak or hear from a T-Mobile representative that could help me.  I am at my wits end with this situation, and there has to be someone (not a 'human robot' at a call center) who might be able to communicate what happened, and come up with a reasonable solution.  Thank you very much for your time.




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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Cellular Data Not Working

        Hey Evan!


        I'm so sorry this has been such a frustrating process, that's the last thing we want to see.


        We're unable to access accounts here on the forums, but have you had a chance to talk to T-Force on FB or Twitter? The great thing about their team is the interactions are recorded in full front to back which cuts down on repeated steps in situations where things aren't quite cut and dry like here!