Enrolled in autopay but still have to pay manually?


    I signed up for autopay weeks ago, but woke up this morning to a suspended account. Had to find wifi and pay manually online. The autopay is on (or so my account says). Please fix this problem. i did not enroll in autopay to log in every month to pay manually.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Autopay has one annoying thing about it:  It takes like 2 months for it to fully set up.


        Any time I've changed my payment items, I have to do the following:


        1. Pay, and do the "save my payment info" and "turn on autopay"
        2. The next month, I have to do a manual payment, and NOT touch the autopay stuff
        3. The third month, autopay works fine and I don't have to touch it again (until I get a new card)
        • magenta8426127

          This has happened to me too, I am enrolled in autopay and have my credit card method saved but it will not pay from autopay and worse the first time this happened they suspended my account. then their website kept crashing so I had to physically go to the store to pay my bill, the only answer I was given is that their software sucks. I now have to login and pay every month manually, I dread the day I get double charged because I paid manually and it draws autopay. also the tmobile app constantly tells me it isn't ready for me yet and then I can't access my account from my phone and have to use my computer instead. I have had problems from day one and am seriously considering switching carriers at this point in time. I have enough accounts to manage as it is I wanted to not think about my phone account at all.