Enrolled in autopay but still have to pay manually?


    I signed up for autopay weeks ago, but woke up this morning to a suspended account. Had to find wifi and pay manually online. The autopay is on (or so my account says). Please fix this problem. i did not enroll in autopay to log in every month to pay manually.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Autopay has one annoying thing about it:  It takes like 2 months for it to fully set up.


        Any time I've changed my payment items, I have to do the following:


        1. Pay, and do the "save my payment info" and "turn on autopay"
        2. The next month, I have to do a manual payment, and NOT touch the autopay stuff
        3. The third month, autopay works fine and I don't have to touch it again (until I get a new card)