A USPS Employee Stole My Phone or USPS "Lost" It


    So I'll preface this by saying the screen broke internally on my Samsung Galaxy S6 G920T IMEI : 357746064350595


    Like anyone else with insurance I filed a claim. It was approved instantly. Filed a Claim on Friday, received it on Monday evening.


    However when I went to a USPS location, and it was my turn in queue I noticed the employee was kinda eyeballing the envelope. She knew what it was.

    I mean it says Assurant Solutions and Merchandise Return Label attracting any potential thieves.

    Tracking Number: 9221690106781596691550


    I think an employee stole it as it was scanned for departure but before it was loaded on to a truck as it "vanished" after that scan.


    I have a receipt, there is a paper trail. I even have a photo with the exact phone, IMEI sticker and envelope that they provided to prove it was once, previously in my possession. I even have the original box actually that I received.


    What I don't understand is, how can someone be charged the unrecovered fee when I followed the rules and did everything I was supposed to do.


    I used the supplied materials to ship it back, shipped it back in a timely manner relative to when I received the replacement phone. I was in No Way Negligent and did everything the way I was supposed to.  This kind of fault is beyond my control, therefore any unrecovered equipment fee should be waived due to the specifics of this case.


    At this point in time I'm very inconvenienced, should I call the cops and ask to file a police report at that USPS Branch for theft? Prepare for Arbitration once I start to see the unrecovered fee on my credit card? Isn't the envelope insured? Why should I be punished for following the rules?

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