note 8 pie


    when i am getting note 8 update? don't tell it's under testing, every one in the word got the update 2 months ago.

    first thing Samsung will test the OS then Samsung will give to t mobile. then what the point of T-Mobile testing?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: note 8 pie

        Hey, magenta3750661!


        I know users are super anxious to get the Android Pie update for their Note8, and I wish I had other news besides it being in the testing phase. After Samsung tests the update, we then test the update to work with our network. You can find more about our software update process here: Software updates. To find specific information on the status of the Note8 update, go here.  Lastly, because we're getting a ton of questions about the update, we'd like to keep them all in one place. If you have additional questions, please refer to this thread: Note 8 Pie Update E.T.A.