Lg G8 Preoders - April 5th


    What does preorders mean? Will I be receiving the Lg G8 before they are available in store (April 12th) as I have read a few threads, preorders were delayed && did not ship for some customers up til 3weeks or even longer. Thank you everyone in advance   

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      • snn555

        Re: Lg G8 Preoders - April 5th

        pre-order means that you put your order in before the product is actually available Nationwide. It might also mean that you are eligible for any promotions connected to a pre-order. Pre-orders are normally geared towards people who are willing to take the risk on a product they have not even put their hands on in exchange for free earbuds or drive space or some other promotion or give away. Typically these items are shipped on the day before they are available so that you receive them on the day that they actually launch in stores.