Returned Device Delivered, warehouse claims "not found"


    It's been close to 4 weeks, I've been back and fourth with customer service on a return I made for a pre-ordered galaxy s10+. I pre-ordered this device in store and the in-store associate that helped me did not put in the trade in that I requested to make with this purchase. Once I received the pre-ordered device I noticed there was no "return label" like the sales person told me there would be. I immediately called customer service and explained them the situation. After speaking with a few supervisors about my order I was told that the only route to go was to pre-order the device again and return the new device I had just received. I proceeded to pre-order another device where I paid another set of down payment and taxes for.

    A few days later I called back to get my return label emailed to me so that I could properly return the device back to t-mobile. The representative proceeded to provide me with a shipping label via UPS with the ref: including the correct order that I was returning. I went ahead and attached the label to the original box and sent it on it's way at a UPS store location.

    Fast forward a week later and I get notification that the shipment was successfully delivered. I go ahead and wait a few more days and call back to T-Mobile to make sure the order was returned properly and that a refund would be initiated for the previous order (that was made incorrectly by the store associate to begin with).

    Surprise, they said they didn't receive anything and said they would have to create a handheld research form to find the device. A week later I call back and the conclusion is that they did not find my device that I returned and that they would re-submit another form to research again. I received a call back today saying that they still did not find the device and they would not give me a refund for anything on the account and that I was liable for anything that happened to the package. Is there anything I can do to escalate this further ? I don't understand why I am still going to be charged for a device I do not own or have in my possession. I returned the device on my behalf and got confirmation and proof of the delivery, what should I do? any help would be appreciated.

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