New FFC designs


    FFC: Front Facing Camera 

    So far we have (as of April 2019)

    •Notches (iPhone XS)

    •'Pills' (Samsung Galaxy S10+)

    •Cut-outs (Nokia X71)

    •Pop up (check out the Vivo Nex S)

    •Slider (Oppo Find X)

    •Bezel (Sony Xperia 1)


    I like watching movies on my phone, so a phone with a notch, pill, or cut out (punch hole) Camera, until able to be hidden (not "hidden"), doesn't it ruin the experience of watching even Netflix?

    Until 5G becomes the new standard, and there's a better solution for American users, since we don't have any carrier that has Oppo or Vivo phones, I personally hate these new screens.

    I prefer Sony's bezel than the others, because a notch is just as bad and awkward.



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