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    So my phone died this morning. It's completely dead. And I am currently on my parents' plan with AT&T. Well, my fiance is on his parents' T-Mobile plan and we were talking about starting our own T-Mobile plan. And then today happened. I have never started my own plan before so I have quite a few questions.


    1. Can I keep my phone number and transfer important information from my old phone to the new one?

    2. Do I need to deactivate myself from my parents' plan before starting my own? Does my fiance need to do that?

    3. My fiance is out of town for work, does he need to be present in order to start the new plan? Or do I just need to start with myself and add him later?

    4. Since I am currently on my parents' plan, do they need to go to the T-Mobile store with me? My mom is out of town too so I am trying to get all of the answers and make it as painless as possible.


    I know that's quite a few questions, but, again, I am brand new to the whole thing and I can't find this information readily available. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      • snn555

        Re: New Plan Questions

        first thing is first. To move those lines off of their original plan to a new plan with a new carrier you have to own those lines. So you would need to do a transfer of ownership for any line on a different carrier or plan.


        once that has been done you both can go to a T-Mobile store with the lines that you each own and have those ported over so that you keep your number.

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: New Plan Questions

          Hey, katrinakaddas1!


          Welcome to our Support Community! It's always good to have all this info beforehand because it really does make for an easier transition to a new carrier.


          1. Yes, you can keep your same phone number as long as the AT&T account owner gives permission for this. I've never had AT&T, but generally speaking, the account owner must call customer service and authorize you to take that specific phone number.
          2. No, you'll want to keep all phone numbers active during the transfer process in order to keep the same number. Canceling your lines prior to creating an account together may cause some headaches.
          3. If your fiance is going to be the account holder, he'll need to be the one to initiate the change of responsibility with T-Mobile first, then you'll want to move your line to the new account under his name. If you're going to be the account holder, you can get your number ported over first and then add his line whenever it's convenient for the both of you.
          4. This kind of goes back to the answer I gave for #1 -- this likely isn't required as long as you have permission from AT&T to port the number over to us.


          Here are a few helpful links on transferring service:


          Please let me know if you have any other questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: New Plan Questions

            Happy Monday, katrinakaddas1!


            Just checking in to see if we were able to answer all of your questions or if you had any additional questions after reading over the responses.