LTE is super slow and not connecting!!!


    Ever since last Thursday 03/25 the LTE signal just wouldn’t connect or is super slow. Prior to that the internet was good but since then doing basic like checking emails or sending messages would take forever or would fail due to connection issue. This issue is specifically in my office space and when I walk to different areas in my building the connectivity seems  be better. I think there is a network or tower issue that is causing the slow speeds. Is there a network issue in my area? Is it being worked on? If so is there an ETA of when it will be fixed? It’s extremely irritating to not be able to do basic functions I rely on for work and if not resolved would need to change service providers

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      • landonloco

        Re: LTE is super slow and not connecting!!!

        Well the only reason your speeds out of nowhere got really slow is that they are working with the towers or that there is some backhoul issue with some towers. Did you reported it to t mobile customer support they will tell you if there is an outage or just modernization going on

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: LTE is super slow and not connecting!!!

          Ah, that's shame but we wanna get this working for you. What phone are you using? Are you able to switch the connection to 4G or 3G to see if the speeds are only impacted on LTE? If this is only happening at work, the next step may be having a Service Complaint filed to have the service looked at in your area.

            • zhezhe1129

              Re: LTE is super slow and not connecting!!!

              I am using an iphone 8. I have turned off lte and the 4g works better but is inconsistent at around 2-4 mbps and sometimes the connection isn’t stable and would drop. I have called and filed complaints about the issue. It’s weird because I use to get great lte speed in office space but just recently the speed went down to where it is unusable. However I noticed a few times I thought the speed was fixed and I was connected to a better tower with more reception on my lte and was speedtesting at 15-20 mbps but then I got kicked off that network to the slower one with less bars and no lte connection. Also it is only in my office that this is happening when I step to other areas of the building the speed is fine or when I go outside my building it is also fine. It‘s specifically in my office. The weird thing is it use to be fast and now it’s not with no valid explanation or way to fix it. What I think is there are probably to cell towers near me but somehow the network keeps choosing the slower one thinking it’s closer or something...either way it’s very disappointing and I will have to switch companies if this continues.

            • 719-468-5357

              I have the same issue here where I live in Southern California. Not for 3 years though! Every evening the speeds go down to less than 1mps and i get the tower upgrade story too. I haven't called lately because this is an issue in so many places out here that the phone is useless for part of every day. As soon as i get close to paying off the bogo deal I took, i'm switching. Very disappointing. Yesterday I had .01 download at a major medical facility parking lot and don't even think of using it inside.

                • magenta8514725

                  i have the same issue. signed up two iPhone SE both same location. At best we get 2mbs down and .1 upload. Called Tmobile multiple times did network reset. switched from auto to off and back to auto. restarted phone, this has been since i activated them two weeks ago..... dieing to know what is going on in 48236 and if there is an end insight??????????????????????????

                • magenta8514725

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