Galaxy S8 Plus Storage Problem


    My S8 plus is giving me a message that my internal storage is dangerously low.  I removed various apps, clear the cache, moved all my photos to an SD card, even some apps are on my SD card and when I free some space, it still low.  Mine is a 64gb and a 64gb SD.  The internal storage said, system user data 63.4gb and available 658mb.  Don't know what else to do, if it goes to 64gb internal storage, some apps won't work.  Any Idea?

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      • snn555

        Re: Galaxy S8 Plus Storage Problem

        storage card space is primarily for media such as videos images and music and other various files but generally the apps stay on the phone's internal memory. So moving everything that is media-related over to the SD card is the best bet and there's nothing you can do about system space for the OS but you may have to slack off on some apps.


        The only other course would be to buy another phone with more internal storage.