Galaxy s10 plus really bad service




    So I've been really liking my galaxy s10 plus but for some reason I'm getting really bad service at my work place... now my previous s8 plus got service in a few areas within that building so it wasn't as bad but with the s10 plus I'm not getting any service in those areas.

    My co worker has tmobile and in those areas mentioned he has service while I don't...

    I've been reading that the s10 plus is having signal issues and sprint and turning off band 41 and 25 or whatever those were off seems to semi fix it but sprint is working on a solution for this?  I don't hear anything from tmobile on this issue...


    I did speak to a rep. Online and they couldn't help me besides telling me they would hate to lose me as a customer...


    Any ideas what options I got to fix this? 

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Galaxy s10 plus really bad service

        Different model phones and even different phones of the same model have differing reception. If the phone is in specs, there's nothing that can be done. If it's out of specs, I don't know how an individual can prove it. It might do some good do file a service complaint. Maybe?

        • syaoran

          Re: Galaxy s10 plus really bad service

          I doubt this is related to the S10 reception issues.  Bad reception on Sprint primarily but alao reported on just about every other carrier is consistent across the board for those experiencing issues. 


          This is a fairly new radio for devices.  It will take some time for Samsung to get them fine tuned for the best oerformance on each carrier.  Have you tried another device with your SIM in the area where your service is loor to see if the reception is the same or better?

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: Galaxy s10 plus really bad service

            Hey, maxfactor!


            Unfortunately, this isn't the first time we're hearing about this. We are currently working with our internal teams to see if they have more info on this and what can be done to fix it. We'll continue updating this thread with our findings: Galaxy S10+ no network connection