Band 71 in Indiana?


    I’m a T-Mobile customer who has been living in Crawfordsville, IN for just about two years now and my reception is simply horrible. Within the past month it seems to have gotten a little better though. From the Field Test Mode on my iPhone I know I’m currently connected to band 12 where I used to have no service at all. My current phone isn’t compatible with band 71, and every band 71 map I’ve seen doesn’t include the 47933 zip code region. I would prefer to stay with T-Mobile but I need a phone that works in the rural area I’m living so I have a very direct question:


    Will band 71 be deployed in rural western Indiana? If so, when?


    I’m willing to upgrade my phone to stay with T-Mobile, but I will be very frustrated if I upgrade my phone and still don’t have service.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Band 71 in Indiana?

        Crawfordville (NW of Indianapolis on I-74) is in an area where T-Mobile is licensed for 700 MHz (band-12) but does not seem to be working very hard to deliver coverage. shows no band-71 deployments anywhere in Indiana. Just MHO but I would probably not hang around expecting some magic fairy to deliver coverage. They've got the interstate covered and they've got other fish to fry. Can you get your phones unlocked and port over to Cricket?