iPhone XS not sending/receiving some group texts


    Everything was working fine until last week. Suddenly my group texts are all messed up. I will get several texts in a row and then miss some.  I will send a text and some people get it but not everyone; or I will send one and no one gets it.  This particular group is three other iPhones and one android. It is not consistent whose texts I receive/don’t receive and it isn’t consistent who gets/doesn’t get my texts.  It happens when I’m on WiFi and when I’m not on WiFi.  I do not seem to be missing any texts if someone messages me individually, only in the group texts.


    Things I have tried:

    1) power cycling

    2) resetting network settings

    3) restoring to factory settings

    4) checking and rechecking my message settings to make sure everything is correct (it is)

    5) updating iOS

    6) speaking to Apple twice. They had me tweak some settings on an associated iPad, and when that didn’t work I screenshared with them and they checked all my settings.  They told me to check with my carrier next.


    I’m very frustrated. 99% of my communicating is done via text and the group text is my most used.

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