Ready to upgrade, and my phone cracked :( Best option?


    So, after taking good care of my LG G6 for two years, and finally paying it off, I was looking to upgrade my phone. I was making my bed, and the phone, in a case, slipped out of my pocket and took a slight drop, two feet or less. It wasn't until later that I realized the top portion of the screen had a crack. Otherwise, the phone is still functional. Here's where I find myself in a pickle. I have a protection plan, but do I really want to pay $100 for a refurbished phone when I was ready to upgrade to a new one? Would I still be able to trade in the G6 for a new phone despite the cosmetic damage? I'm trying to figure out the best option. Paying 100 bucks for a phone just to get rid of it sort of feels like hemorrhaging money. I've already given T-Mobile tons of money for these protection plans over the years, including one time when UPS lost a damaged phone, and I was forced to pay T-Mo an additional $300. Ugh, what to do? Is there a Mercury Retrograde forgiveness program?

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