Unlocked note 9 very hot and slow after pie update


    So I have an unlocked non carrier-specific Galaxy note 9 5 12-gb version since the pie update my phone has been very sluggish even the icons on my home screen have slowly populated. Also my phone is hot all the time now even not using it and not charging it.  My phone never got warm before and now its hot all the time. I have cleared the cache wipes the partition used device care and made sure no apps are crashing in the background I have also made sure all my apps are up to date in the Google play store and Samsung store.


    Also a side note my text messages ring tone still doesn't repeat even though it is set to repeat every 3 minutes T-Mobile confirmed this issue on a test phone. Text messages ring tones have never repeated on the note 9 I was hoping pie would fix that issue.

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