My new Samsung Watch R815U 42mm with LTE has weak BL Connectivity

    I have a GearFit Pro 2 for over a year now and happy with it. My husband one day let me borrow his Samsung Frontier Watch to try and see if I will like it.  I do love it because it has a much farther Bluetooth connectivity range than my GearFit Pro 2. When I placed my order at T-Mobile, I asked the difference of LTE model and was advised to try the LTE for a few months and then just cancel the line if I think the extra $10 per month is not worth it – I can still use the Bluetooth feature which comes standard with the LTE version.  I just received the watch yesterday and so happy that it does take calls even without my phone but when I tried the Bluetooth connection, the BL signal will drop just after a few steps away from my phone.  The Frontier watch of my husband can keep the BL connection from my phone much, much further away than my new LTE watch.  Could it be a setting issue?  If the BL is much better in Frontier, I would rather get the older model. Thanks for any help.

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      • tmo_amanda

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        I'm not too sure why there's a drastic difference in bluetooth distance between the two watches considering they both have the same bluetooth technologies: Bluetooth® 4.2, Power Class 1, HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP, SPP. If you disable LTE on the Watch, do you notice an improvement in how far away from your phone you can be while wearing the watch?


          Yes, I disabled the LTE and tested it the 1st day I wore it at work, the BL performance was the same with auto LTE switch and disabled LTE.  It turned out my GearFit Pro 2 has longer BL coverage in terms of distance and I am talking about comparing it at the same location - our work office.  I had the GearFit Pro 2 for about a year and I know it always gets disconnected inside a conference room and just outside (hallway) of our lunch room.  The Galaxy Watch I borrowed for 1 day from my husband remains connected all the way inside our lunch room, inside our conference room and all the way by the table tennis room.  It's just disappointing that my new 42mm R815U will get disconnected few steps away from my desk and without even getting inside the conference room where I used to get BL signal with the 2 other watch.  Hayyy, still deciding if I will keep the LTE line, although it always kicks-in whenever BL drops so at least that works fine. If it's a setting issue, I hope someone here can help me improve the BL range.


            I made the test again to confirm with the help of a colleague; the distance variance, my GearFit Pro2 can reach is ~20-feet (just estimate, probably 15 feet with proper tools) more than my new Galazy Watch. I don't really want to reset since I spent time setting up the watch already, I'm afraid I might end up getting the same thing. My choices right now is replace it with different model or just accept the disappointment.