UPS lost my new phone, What's the process from here on out?


    Hi everyone. So I pre-ordered the Samsung S10 and it was lost in transit last week. I have spoken to people from t-mobile both through messaging and on the phone. They told me they issued a handset research form and that it would take 3 days and they would email me all the information. More than 3 days has passed and they never emailed me.


    I wrote to them again yesterday and they told me that they need to investigate and I have to order a new phone and pay an additional down payment and a refund will be issued after the investigation is done. So I decided to call and a representative told me that was not what was supposed to happen (so what was supposed to be filed?). The representative on the phone said they were going to try to send out the phone expedited and add the down payment fee to my t-mobile account and then refund it once the investigation was over.This way I didn't have to do anything.


    They called me just now and said they are having problems doing this and will have to call me back in about 24 hours since they are overseas and in a different time zone.


    I am at my wits end. I am usually a patient person but this is ridiculous. I understand it is not T-mobile's fault but why do I have to fork over  another $350 for a phone I never received. I am so upset I even decided to pre-order this phone I should have just walked in to the store but I wanted to take advantage of the promotion.


    Has anyone been in this situation before and what happened??? I fell like i'm in the dark with t-mobile they keep assuring me they will get back to me but never do with answers. I shouldn't have to suffer the consequences of a lost package from UPS that's on them. I was more than willing to be patient for a few days but its a week later and I have not one document or proof telling me I will be refunded or my phone is on the way. Different representatives are telling me different things and I still have no idea when my phone will be arriving. Please guide me in the right direction. I know a week or 24 hours may seem like nothing but in 2019 I have placed an order and received it in that time frame. I never received the package so why is the investigation impacting me?

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      • snn555

        Have you contacted UPS?

          • drnewcomb2

            It's the consignor (sender) who insured the parcel and their job to contact UPS. I would put everything in the form of a business letter and send it to T-Mobile. This is a case in which I'd invoke the Fair Credit Billing Act.


            The phone may have been stolen off your doorstep. It will be blacklisted and we'll get a question on this forum from someone in Russia about how to unlock it.

              • snn555

                While I completely understand and agree with you I also think that if TMobile is lagging behind with information it probably wouldn't hurt for the addressee to check with UPS to find out if there is a GPS marker at the delivered location when that time arrives. This would give a person both sides of the story. Also would probably be faster contacting UPS than waiting for T-Mobile.


                If it was me I would rather have more information sooner that way I could take any further necessary steps. but of course most people just want their phone in their hand and whatever the fastest route to that conclusion the better.

            • magenta3147333

              drnewcomb2snn555 Thank you both for your responses. Yes I contacted UPS a few times within the first 48 hours the package went missing. They informed me that after 24 hours with no new scan, that it's considered lost in transit and that the shipper (t-mobile) had to submit the investigation request. The tracking info still says they're investigating/trying to locate package. Also, might be worth mentioning, the package was never delivered to my house it was lost in the warehouse or truck so it wasn't taken from my doorstep. That's why I feel like why is the investigation taking so long, they know I never had possession of the phone.


              I have heard about the Fair Credit Billing Act but I am not sure if it is time to get to that point. I am honestly so frustrated that I just want to forget the phone and get my refund asap so this might come in handy. I don't want to spend any more time on the phone as I have wasted so many hours of my time with both UPS and T-Mobile over this matter. It just seems like there has to be a better way.

              • magenta3147333

                UPDATE: Thank you for your responses. I have been in contact with several people and it wasn't until 2 days ago that I was able to speak to a supervisor and she made a conference call to UPS and it seems they closed the case because there weren't enough details and needed to re-open it with said info so I can receive my refund. I gave them the model, color and storage details so I don't know what that was about.The supervisor was able to send me a replacement phone with the downpayment and taxes added to my t-mobile bill. It should be noted that if original payment isn't refunded by the first week of May, I will be liable for the additional downpayment and charged a late fee if I don't pay it. I was assured, I should be credited by then.


                I do not feel like my case is resolved yet because I haven't received my replacement phone or even my tracking number. UPS says it will take 8-10 more days (in addition to the 9 days my phone was supposedly being looked for) for the investigation to be completed and then t-mobile can begin their process of refunding me. I am not 100% sure what that is or how long it will take.


                So my advice to anyone who is in this same situation and reads this is:


                1. Pick up your phone in the store. Even if it's rare for packages to be lost or stolen, the process to get your refund or phone  replaced is horrible! You will have to spend countless hours repeating yourself to representatives and told you will be called back in a couple of days but you will never receive that call. You and only you, will be solely responsible to keep tabs on the investigation if you want your money back even if it's not your fault.


                2. If this does happen to you speak to a supervisor immediately and whenever you call back make sure you speak to that same person. I was told it was in my records who I spoke with and I could be transferred to them.Also even if the carrier says its the shipper's responsibility once the item is lost, keep tabs on the investigation. If it wasn't for that conference call between t-mobile and UPS the investigation would have remained in limbo as nobody thought to contact me or t-mobile to reopen the case.


                T-mobile's customer service has been nothing but nice and they have tried to help but that doesn't give me back all the hours I have wasted over the past 2 weeks or the ones I will probably be wasting in the upcoming weeks, to ensure I receive my refund and replacement phone. It shouldn't be my responsibility to make sure the investigation and refund process is on track since UPS lost my phone. I hope I am able to update this post once I have both my phone and refund back in hand.


                I am feeling a bit more optimistic now but still upset and disappointed in how everything has been handled.

                • magenta3147333

                  Hi everyone, Final Update!


                  So I received my new phone yesterday (they never found the old one or at least I wasn't notified) and my refund! I am so happy this whole ordeal is over. Just want anyone who contributed to this post or who is in a similar position to know what to look forward to. It took  2.5 weeks which doesn't seem like that long when I type it but nothing was happening until the end of last week, after I spoke with a supervisor.


                  Thanks again