Assurant robbed me for my money.


    I have about 3 devices under assurant protection with t mobile.  I ended up damaging a screen on one and filed a claim.  while waiting for them to send me one in the mail.  I had an unfortunate event and got the device stolen, being cracked and damaged it doesn't hold any value anymore.  I called assurant to see if they could help me out since I didn't have the original device no longer and pay a higher deductible since I wouldn't be able to return the old one.  They declined to help me and stated if i wasn't able to return the original device they would charge me full price for the replacement..  Note they had already charged me $100 for the deductible and now they were also going to charge me the price of a new galaxy note 8 when its not even new ( its refurbished) which doesn't have the same value as a brand new note 8.  They declined to help knowing I still owe $400 on my original.  I paid over $500 just on insurance this year and the one time i decide to use their service, I end up in a dilemma where its either I use my insurance and end up with my original phone balance and pay on top another $600 for a refurbished note 8 when all assurant has or had to do was cancel my claim or change it from broken to stolen claim.  I am more than glad to pay the deductible of a stolen device but assurant has also declined to do so.  I am not happy with the way management dealt with my claim.  I angry and frustrated with assurant.  I will most likely end my insurance plan on my devices because if I couldn't event get my first claim done right. They didnt seem to care at all and now I have to get a new device because I cannot afford to file a claim with assurant because instead of giving me piece of mind and having me proctected all they way instead I'm being robbed out of my money.  Thanks for everything assurant!!!

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        Re: Assurant robbed me for my money.

        I personally believe insurance for a phone is a scam.

        The money you pay in insurance will pay for a brand new device over time.

        Im sad this has happened to you.


        There are some other alternatives for phones.... Apple are selling clearance refurbished iphone se for approximately $249.

        I know it won’t compare to the phone that was stolen.... but it cost only $249.


        Only if the assurant company were able to send you a refurbished iphone for all of the troubles you have had.