App and Customer Service issues


    Anyone Else having this issue? The app almost never works right anymore and there is a whole new layout with a homepage that I don't want.  Prior to this latest launch of design, the app was simple, intuitive, quick to get the info I needed about my bill... but now everything takes longer and is buried... and a lot of the info I used to be able to access is gone (I am not a basic user... I am very intuitive about programs, platforms and systems and highly proficient at them).  Every time I go into it, it takes forever to load (on both my Samsung Galaxy S9 and my iPhone XR).  ALSO IMPORTANT: I have been a customer of Tmobile for 19 years with this same phone number (not common, I know) and have never had to wait 15+ minutes to reach a live rep.  Your message says that Tmobile customers are the happiest... but not with the new changes to app and customer service.  From what the last few reps have told me, you guys have done away with the Customer Loyalty department and have gone to dedicated teams.  That sounds great in theory, but what it actually means is that there are fewer reps available to me when I need help, anda more scare chance that I will find someone deeply educated about loyalty and longevity.  The chat feature is great when it works, but I can't get that to work on the app or on the web.  I'm just bothered by the changes that have been made to customer experience, because my experience is that while the designs are pretty, the functionality and customer experience aspect have gone backwards toward being ineffective and frustrating.  Your reps are generally great... when I can get to one. Chat support (even when it does work) is no substitute for a real live voice when you have a problem.  It can take 4 times as long to get something solved over text as it can over the phone.  When a customer calls, they generally need help quickly and not in 30 minutes when someone might possibly call them back. Too much risk of accidentally missing the call back.  Nobody has time for that, much less the patience for it.  People are busy and need help in a pinch, which T-mobile was good about before this new updated App and teams system.  Please fix it, because I want to stay a customer, but access to timely, live customer service is a key factor.

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      • snn555

        Re: App and Customer Service issues

        although the app has been redesigned for quite some time now and has not been a recent development I have not been able to use the app with any regularity lately without clearing all app data and then going through the setup again each time I log out. So I just use the website and no longer use the app.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: App and Customer Service issues

          That's rough cause I know the app was designed for your convenience and to make things easier. Is the trouble only the slowness or the changes with the navigation? I know our engineering are working to smooth out the rough edges with the app, but I'm wondering if there's more we can do to give you content on using the app.