Text message showing number with characters


    Hello, hoping for some insight about a text message issue.  When I receive a text from a particular number, the format shows up like this:

    +15555555555 (+15555555555*)

    I just recently switched to T-Mobile and the number I receive the texts from is a number on my account.  I'm not sure if this has anything to do with why it shows up like this.  I haven't saved any contacts yet and I'm using stock messaging on a new Moto e5 Plus.  The messages are coming from a Moto e5 Play.

    Thank you for any help provided!

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hmm. That's odd! Let's see if we can narrow down why this is happening...


        • Is the other user that's using the Moto e5 Play using the stock messaging app?
        • Have you tried testing your SIM in another phone to see if you receive a message with the same contact format?
        • Is it only this one number that is adding an asterisk to the contact?
        • tmo_amanda

          Happy Monday, jksummer14!


          I just wanted to swing by to see if you've had a chance to look over my reply from a few days ago.

            • jksummer14

              Hello!  I'm so sorry about the delay in responding. It's just this one

              phone number that's showing like this.  The other user was using stock

              messaging on the Moto E5 Play and recently switched to an HTC phone using

              stock messaging as well and the result is the same.  I put my SIM card into

              my old phone and the number still shows like this.  I'm worried that either

              my number or the other users number has been phished (forgive me if that's

              not the correct term!)  Both numbers were ported to T-Mobile from Metro PCS

              on the same account.


              Thank you for looking into this!!