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    We switched to tmobile from att and were excited to get our kiddos on the plan and cut our bill practically in half. Part of the deal was for tmobile to pay the costs to ATT due to switching and this was agreed on. We gave the final bill, sent back old phones, etc. After we noticed nothing was happening, we called and were transferred to their specialty team and were informed they set it up wrong, corrected it and resubmitted the ticket. So we started the waiting game again...still nothing. Back to them again and they have us send the final bill to some email for a "last ditch" chance for generating the rebate tickets. Now, here I am today with a $619 bill to soak up. How do you go about this if the "specialty team" has failed?

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      • magenta4401544

        Re: Account Rebate

        I had this very similar thing happen to me. It took over a year and they only reimbursed me for half of it. Out of desperation I accepted it because I couldn't waste more time with sending emails and long phone calls. Good luck. If it's not in writing you are probably screwed. Also, it you don't continue to generate a call log with them, they will blame you for not responding in a timely manner even if it's them you are waiting for. Wish I had better news.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Account Rebate

          Ah, that's super sad you've had so much trouble with this. You are talking about the Carrier Freedom™ offer right? There's some steps you'll need to take so you can redeem the offer as well as doing it within the specific time frame. Did you get any errors when going through the redemption process? Also, when was the last time you spoke with our team to have this escalated?

          • tmo_chris

            Re: Account Rebate

            Just checking to see how things are going. Please let us know if you still need help.