Something's not right... error while accessing T-Mobile Rebellion pay as you go account for the past 3 weeks. What's going on?


    My parents and I switched to T-Mobile 3 weeks ago and it has been an extremely frustrating experience so far. I have a post paid account but my parents both have prepaid accounts and they are not able to access their online accounts either via app or web ever since the switch. I have called support multiple times (hour long calls) and I am sorry to say your offshore support is extremely incompetent. NO ONE has been able to help us, my father has been to multiple store locations and no one seems to have a clue what's happening with their accounts. We opened 2 tickets and both of them were marked "resolved" without any updates. What kind of service are you providing to your customers? Reading online threads about this error shows that users have been reporting this issue since October 2018 and T-Mobile still hasn't fixed it. So as a customer I have zero faith that I will receive any support here but I am giving it one last try before I switch our service back to a more reliable carrier. If possible please assist. Below are the ticket numbers and error description when trying to access T-Mobile prepaid rebellion accounts.


    Ticket # 1 - 22569900

    Ticket # 2 - 22569914

    Error - Something's not right. Sorry due to extremely high demand this page is not available for the moment. While we hurry to catch up, dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone. Call now! 1-844-834-7053

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