Network refresh on note 9 android pie!

    So instead of rebooting your phone every time You wanna refresh your network, you can go into your connection settings and perform a manual refresh or a automatic refresh!


    Now right after updating to android pie it still worked bit about a week or 2 ago when I wanted to refresh my network I got an error saying "UNABLE TO CONNECT, TRYING AGAIN" and ever since I'm not able to manually or automatically refresh my network unless I reboot my phone



    Plz fix this bug!

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      • syaoran

        Ppwer off your device fully and leave it off for 5 minutes to allow it to refresh on the network.  While you are waiting for that 5 minutes to pass, remove your SIM, clean the metal with a bit of rubbing alcohol, dry it, and pop that back in your device before booting it back up.


        If you are still unable to connect to the betwork, try manually selecting the network.  Check your APN settings as well.  Is your device a T-Mobile firmware Note 9?  If it isn't.  What is the model of the device?  N960U, N960N, N9600, N960DS, or something else?

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        • tmo_chris

          Got some helpful tips from syaoran and I wanted to check if you still needed any help.