SIM Twinning / Cloning / Duplicate for "Light Phone"




    I will be getting a light phone 2 as an additional phone. ( Light Phone 2 | Indiegogo )


    It does not seem as though it will work with t-mobile Digits. i it possible to twin, clone, or get a duplicate sim card for that phone so I can make and receive calls with my t-mobile number?


    thank you.

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      • tmo_chris

        Yeah Just give us a call and let the folks know you want to add a "Data with paired DIGITS plan" to your account.

          • gomobu414

            Can you help me set up a "data with paired digits"?  Over the past two days I've called, gone in store, messaged, and used twitter DM and nobody can do it for me. 

              • gomobu414

                I was finally able to get this done so my issue has been resolved.  thanks!!

                  • ttdouble

                    I too am getting a Light II next month and was curious how you ended up getting this done...

                      • gomobu414

                        I would start with facebook chat as that was the most helpful.  I had to contact T-mobile 10 times and go to three different stores (I’m not exaggerating).  They don’t do this very often and will try to gaslight you into thinking your asking for something else or will just tell you it can’t be done but keep trying, maybe you’ll get lucky and have this resolved quicker than I did.


                        All that said, here is what they need to do:


                        1. Establish a “data with paired digits line”.  They can either set up a new digits line for you or convert an existing digits line you have.
                        2. Once it’s set up, they need to pair the new “data with paired digits line” to your main line.  Once this is done you will receive a text confirmation that your data with paired digits line has been paired with your main line.
                        3. You’ll need a physical sim card for your data with paired digits line to put in your 2nd phone.  The data with paired digits line will have a temporary sim assigned to it once it’s set up.  You can either ask the rep that’s helping you to assign it to a physical sim and ship that sim to you or you can go in store and ask them to give you a sim card for the data with paired digits line.


                        You’ll likely need to pay $25 for the physical sim and you’ll definitely need to pay $10 per month for the data with paired digits line.


                        Your second phone will be able to make and receive calls and texts like your main line and have slow (but useable) data.  It actually works better than I expected with the exception of sms short codes.  Your data with paired digits line cannot receive them so you can’t use it for 2fa etc.

                          • jaimehdz

                            Can an existing t-mobile one line be converted to a “data with paired digits line”? I just received my Light Phone 2 and would like to set up as secondary phone sharing same number for calls and messages. From previous posts seems like this is not a common request. Is there any official documentation or instructions to reference when going to request the “data with paired digits line”?