Smartphone Equality Question


    I have been with t-mobile for about 9 years and I recently moved out to a rural area and discovered that I was using a lot more bandwidth since there isn't a great internet service provider in my area. I've been watching youtube and netflix on my phone and using it as a hotspot. I called into t-mobile in order to upgrade my plan to the 75 dollar unlimited plan. Looking on the mytmobile site afterwards, I realized that I qualified for Smartphone Equality, which would be really good since I have an old phone which doesn't get all of the cellular bands that newer phones do, especially band 12, which they say reaches 2x further and goes through walls 4x better. I went into the t-mobile store to talk to a representative about getting a newer phone under the equality program and told them that I was looking at the Stylo 4, a 250 dollar phone. They told me I had to switch to postpaid to take advantage of the program so I did, and after doing so they checked the phone and it said I would have to pay 150 dollars down. I had thought the equality program would cover that. When I had checked online it said I would only be paying 10 dollars down and 10 more per month for 24 months. I just moved so I wasn't able to cover the price of that phone right now. Plus the website told me that it would only be 10 dollars. I left and then when I got home checked the website and it didn't mention anything about the equality program on it anymore. I called into support and she said I would have to wait another 12 months on post paid to be able to take advantage of the 10 dollars down price. She said I would be eligible after 30 days on postpaid to get that price for "jump on demand" on the phone though so to just wait 31 days to get that. I am not sure if all of this is correct or if they made a completely new account for me with my phone number and are just making me start the 12 month countdown over to get the equality again. I have no credit history so I know my score isn't good enough to get the equality price for the stylo 4. I just thought being with t-mobile prepaid so long, i wouldn't have to wait another 12 month cycle to get the equality price. Was everything I was told accurate?


    Thank you for your time.

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