Buds Offer Redemption




    Saw a couple questions about redeeming your Buds offer through Samsung Shop when you purchased through a carrier so I thought I'd send a little help.


    Download the Samsung Shop app on your qualifying device

    Tap the side-bar menu

    Tap My Inbox

    Select Buds offer

    Fill out your information

    Kick back and relax


    It will auto fill your IMEI to verify it's a qualifying purchase.


    Okay, bye, enjoy your preorders!

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      • stevetjr

        Re: Buds Offer Redemption

        And done and already got they will be shipped March 18th :-)


        Used to be able to do promotions if you knew the IMEI which you could get before the phone arrived from your EIP statement but they indeed have changed it and it has to be from the S10 itself.