Any Progress on LG G7 9.0 System update


    Is there any progress in LG G7 9.0 System updated when it going to be released? It's March now I'm hoping there is a a date now when the 9.0 will be released..

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      • snn555

        Re: Any Progress on LG G7 9.0 System update

        LG G7 ThinQ: Update to Android 9.0


        That's all anyone can or will tell you.

          • magenta7839425

            Re: Any Progress on LG G7 9.0 System update

            I'll say the same thing I do every time.  Given that there are a whopping three whole phones that have gotten it (cue slow clap for tmo).  Another three "in testing", and SIX "in development".  Don't hold your breath getting it anytime before mid year, my guess is around the one year mark of Pie's release.  If you want timely software releases, you're better off with Google's branded phone or resign yourself to swaps to the latest and greatest Samsung phones every 6 -12 month.  The only thing someone from tmobile will tell you is that they are "working hard" or "soon" or "in development" and the obligatory link to the pie update page that is next to useless.  In other words, we'll get it IF or when the tmobile "development team (ROFL)" deem us plebs worthy of their time and effort.

          • loud-kin

            Re: Any Progress on LG G7 9.0 System update

            March 24 2019 STILL no time frame for the RELEASE DATE 9.0 PIE FOR LG G7 THINQ? If not LG has won the Crown of 1 of the biggest phone company who is slower then a sick  snail .. Lol. Some of this phone companies is really opening up my eyes. No system update but your new phones coming out have it. Pimping is real. Ok if we don't update in time they will buy our new phone. Thoughs who blind to what's going on will those who do wont. I wont pay to much money to get pimped twice. Wirelessphone company too are pimps.. We are Living in a world of money and the Power is the only thing that matters who can you Trust.    I know i jumped in to a whole other convo but it all coincide.. Forget the update I know y'all going to say y'all don't know.

            When is the OnePlus 7 come out are y'all going to get it?

            • magenta8282532

              Re: Any Progress on LG G7 9.0 System update

              Well LG does have 9.0 however the tmobile varient is not the same and does require tmobile to help.


              But as we see..  The progress has been the same for months and months.


              Time to ditch this junk and get something that is updated and secure.

              • vlodato812

                Re: Any Progress on LG G7 9.0 System update

                Im pretty sure someone needs to investigate t mobile and other companies on their deals with manufactures like Samsung. Its becoming increasingly apparent that they own these companies and their employees. I for a fact know that these companies hand out devices like candy to these employees and have incentives to sell specific products. That being said, the idea that t mobile as a company may be actually ACTIVELY holding back updates to force customers into buying phones made by Samsung. There is no other reason i can thinQ of that they fail to release firmware updates in a timely fashion. The update is out it has been out for quite some time all t mobile has to do is sprinkle in their little bit of ad ware(oh and lock the phone so your stuck with them even though you own the phone). But instead they sit on it because just like other other carriers they either couldn't care less or are being asked to hold out updates by other companies like Samsung. LG promised fast updates, they removed the option to unlock the boot loader which is not something they said they would do. I'm beyond disappointed but no where near enough to spend another $800 on a phone. My next phone will be the international version and i will use a carrier that doesn't force me to use their software to the point of holding updates back for months.

                • magenta8971650

                  Re: Any Progress on LG G7 9.0 System update

                  How did the Metro by T-Mobile and Verizon versions get the 9.0 Pie update before T-Mobile?