Would T-mobile rather lose a 40 dollar a month customer over a sim card?


    To whom it may concern:


    I received the following text message on my phone on Feb 28, 2019 : Important T-Mobile Message: We discovered an issue with the SIM in your device and it needs to be replaced by 4/1/2019 or your SIM will be DEACTIVATED. To avoid service interruption, please visit a store near you t-mo.co/StoreLocator1 or dial 611. >>>>>



    I called T-Mobile support team today but didn't get much in the way of support. I asked why I would need another sim when I have only had T-mobile service for 3 months and the sim is only 3 months old. The man said that I would have to go to a t-mobile store and get another sim. I said I don't have a tmobile store in my small town and I can't travel to one in my area because I can't drive that far. I am elderly and don't have reliable transportation. He said he would ask if they could send me one. When he returned to the phone he said that would have to  travel to get one or my sim would be deactivated. He then said if I changed my mind I can always go to a tmobile store and get one..... It's as if he didn't hear a word I said....



    I've had the service for 3 months now. I barely even use the service which I am sure you can tell from my account. I really do not understand why I have to have another sim when the one that is in the phone is working just fine. And it seems that a brand new sim from T-mobile should not have to be replaced every three months, and I shouldn't have to pay for something I just payed for three months ago.



    I told the man that since I hardly even use the service it wasn't worth keeping my account if I had to go out of my way to get another sim when I have a perfectly good one working in my phone already, and that I will just let the account go when I have used up what I have already paid.


    Apparently T-Mobile would rather loose a 40.00 a month customer than send out a sim card to replace the one they said I need to replace.


    Doesn't sound like good business practice to lose a paying customer over a sim card. But hey if that is they way it is, I'll chalk it up to experience and save myself 40 dollars a month.


    I hope this doesn't sound unreasonable, I am certainly not trying to be. Did I speak to the wrong people to get help or is this really the way T-mobile hands such things? This is my first experience with having a cell phone.. It might also be my last..



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