Unknown payments from "Vesta *t-mobile888-278-3397or"


    Since a while ago, I've been noticing withdrawals from my bank account that's mainly $10.75 a couple of times per month from a description of "Vesta *t-mobile888-278-3397or."


    I'm on the prepaid plan of paying as you go with automatic monthly installments of $10.00 per month (unless I added more money myself), and that's what I thought the installments were for. However, I realized these payments happened about 3 times per month which was definitely what wasn't my plan with T-Mobile that I signed up for. Around the end of last year, I also got a withdrawal of $25.75 that I don't know what was for.


    I'm very confused on where or why these payments are removing amounts that isn't part of my plan I chose so I would like some clarifications if anyone has any! Much thanks!

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