I cannot access my t-mobile account with my app; nor can I on the web..


    When I log in on the web using my laptop or my cell phone, this error appears.

    F451 Service Unavailable

    "UH oh; it looks like we have our wired crossed!"


    Login on the T-Mobile app; this error message appears.

    "Sorry we're not ready for you yet; we're working on improving your app experience."

    My phone number used to be on my sister's family account with T-mobile for a very long time and within the last two weeks, my sister and I decided that I open a new prepaid account and my phone number be ported because I didn't want a different phone number. Upon my service activation, all went south. The site and the t-mobile app worked as expected until then. When I tried to register my t-mobile account, I couldn't register with my same email address. I called 611 and they weren't successful afterwards. After more than 72 hours, I still couldn't transfer my email address to my account so I decided to go postpaid. At this point these error messages started.

    I screen-captured both error messages and both screenshots are on my profile pics (email address error too).

    Please note that I have called 611 and spent an hour with tech support and the end result was "give 72 hours for porting to complete."

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