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    Hello guys—


    While I assumed this discussion board should be my last resort, I just realized with dismay that it appears to be the only viable path for the moment, after getting caught in the endless loop of being put through and then on hold for eternity, and seeing the egregious page of "Something's not right" again and again and again. Instead of attempting another call at the Customer Care service that rarely provides any service and greeted by the sheer irony, the empty promise of a satisfying experience, I end up here.


    I'll stop ranting. Two questions:


    1) I got my new prepaid T-Mobile card yesterday and tried to transfer my number from another service. I inserted my new SIM card to my phone and a few hours later I received a text message, "There's a problem in bringing your phone number to T-Mobile. A Customer Care service representative will call you to proceed with the transfer." Didn't receive any phone call yet. Doubt if I ever will. I don't really know what's going on, or if there's anything wrong with the port-in process. Any suggestions?


    2) No part of My T-Mobile page seems to work properly. I see either the loading gif or that "Something's not right" page. Not sure if those two things are related.


    You guys are my last hope; any replies would be appreciated. Thanks!

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      • george2104158799

        Re: Number transfer issues

        I have a similar problem,

        • skymorena

          Re: Number transfer issues

          Hello! I believe that a lot of people are having the same problem about the website. About your port-in process, kindly call 611 so they can take a look on the issue.

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          • kentchang

            Re: Number transfer issues

            Thanks to the both of you who bothered to reply.


            So it looks like I called at a bad time yesterday and the day before (yes, I called 611 before posting, as suggested in my, well, rant); if the website was down presumably the customer service reps could be busy dealing with the influx of related inquiries. I called again this morning and one of the reps—named Chris I believe—offered exceptional service and had my problem solved.


            I think I still have no access to My T-Mobile, although given skymorena's response, I'm probably not alone and that's not something I should worry over now.


            So george2104158799—call 611 if you also have problems regarding transferring your number, and the line appears to be less congested early in the morning. I'll have to correct what I'd said in my original post; fortunately there are indeed reps out there who would help.


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              • magenta7851876

                Re: Number transfer issues

                Having the same issues. My number failed to port to T-mobile and they said they would contact me, but haven't. The web page is not showing anything for my account... it errors out and says its too busy. When I call the customer service number, I am told its a 15 or more minute wait. That's just to get to the initial person, then I am sure they will transfer me to the "port" department.