Samsung vs. T-Mobile Warranty Replacement Device


    I find myself in need of a warranty replacement for my less than 1-year old Galaxy watch 46MM - My question is this; is it advisable to go through T-Mobile's exchange program (i have heard horror stories of beat-up devices or devices with more issues than the originals) or directly to Samsung (or will they send a refurb as well)?


    I take very good care of my electronics and the watch which suffers from a defective battery and the inability to receive updates is, literally, like new.


    Do you think my replacement from either source will be worse?

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      • theartiszan

        If you get a warranty replacement from T-Mobiles team it should look like a new device. If not, there was something wrong and that should be addressed by them. Every replacement I got through TMobile looked just like new other than the box it came in.

        That being said, some have gotten bad replacements but TMobile should make good on that.

        You can go with Samsung but there you usually need to send in the watch and they fix it and send it back. If you can do without it for a while and want the original one you purchased, that is the way to go. You will probably need to be able to provide proof of purchase as well to Samsung.

        • tmo_mike_c

          That's a bummer it's having trouble but you should be able to replace it. I suggest Contact Us us as we may be able to replace it before having to go through Samsung.