Can I upgrade Jump on Demand with an S9 with Cracked Back Glass?


    Hello.  I have a Galaxy S9 that has a damaged back glass, but the LCD screen and rear camera glass are perfect.  I would like to JUMP upgrade to an S10, but I'm unsure if the back glass negates me from upgrading before having to repair it through claims.


    I've seen the questions that have been posted before, and the answers that you will be charged a deductible or damage fee if you send in a phone during an JUMP upgrade that has a cracked back glass.  But I would like to see if there's been a change in policy on this.  A reddit user reported that an internal T-Mobile document that says they've changed their policy on back glass damage.  Can anyone confirm? The document referenced is C2 doc #437077


    Thank you very much for your help.

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