Payments and Rebates Not Showing Up


    Ok, so last year I took advantage of the trade up deal for a OnePlus 6T.  I sent in my old phone, and it does register it was received by Assurant.  However, I can't seem to get credit for it unless I contact Customer Service.  T-mobile does not show credit when they bill me.


    The First time I chalked it up to one-time deal - I contacted Customer Service by TM Messaging, they fixed my billing (apparently added credit for only one month).

    The Second time, once again no credit on bill, I contacted Customer Service by TM Messaging, I was assured it would not happen again, they were having difficulties crediting customers, they fixed bill (for one month only).

    Just received third bill...Surprise, Surprise.  No Credit for trade in.


    Anyone else having this issue and what did you do?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Payments and Rebates Not Showing Up

        We really want you to get this promo without any more hassle. Did you get the text message saying you were enrolled? Should've gotten to you no later than 72 hours after you made the purchase. We'd need our account folks to help get this escalated for you because we don't want you to have to call each time to make sure the credit is added.