Tombile SIM not working in India!


    I have a tmobile sim card which I am currently using on an Iphone X. I am not Getting any reception since last 2 weeks. No network bars available.


    - Contacted customer care and made some network settings with them still doesn't work.

    - Selected manual network (Vodafone and Idea) and also kept on automatic network selection for a while. Still not working.

    - Indian Sim card works perfectly fine in the same phone.

    - Tried Tmobile sim card in Samsung S9, shows couple of network bars but unable to make calls or incoming calls. Says (Not on registered network)


    I have used tmobile sim card 1 year ago while Roaming in India in the same area and it worked perfectly fine. Now I am totally frustrated. I have interview calls lined up and other stuff and I am unable to do many things.

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      • syaoran

        Re: Tombile SIM not working in India!

        Has your plan changed since you were there last?  Are you a prepaid customer? 

        • drnewcomb2

          Re: Tombile SIM not working in India!

          India is one of the most frustrating places for roamers. Roaming partners work then stop working. A partner that works in one state won't work in another. It's a mess and has been a mess for as long as I can recall. How long have you been in India this trip?

          • rkmuktha

            Re: Tombile SIM not working in India!

            I am also facing the same problem ....

            After reaching India I had service for a couple of days and suddenly it stopped working without getting any calls or text messages.


              Having same issue. Any luck on your side?

              • magenta74461

                Re: Tombile SIM not working in India!

                Same problem here. Doesn't currently work in Hyderabad. Just stopped about a day or 2 ago. Was working fine on Vodafone for a month until a few days ago (in multiple cities), I confirmed it wasn't a hardware issue because the sim wouldn't connect to a network in my other phone either. This is extremely frustrating as there's no time you need your phone more than when you're travelling internationally. I'm happy that they include international data and texting but if it's going to be unreliable that's dangerous.

                • tmo_lauren

                  Re: Tombile SIM not working in India!



                  It sounds like there may need to be a ticket filed. While it's true we're often very very limited as to what we can do with a foreign network, if it is something from our side, a ticket is the only way to identify that.


                  If anyone has the opportunity, I would suggest reaching out to T-Force on FB or Twitter (links in my signature) and see if they can file a ticket!



                  • ccrowe1990

                    Re: Tombile SIM not working in India!

                    I've been to India several times and this occasionally happens to me as well.  Your easiest option is to restart your phone and then change your settings to pick up a cell provider automatically.  If this issue doesn't get resolved by the time you have to make those important phone calls, I would recommend downloading Skype and putting some credit onto your account.  This would require you to be in a WiFi hotspot, which I know can be very inconvenient but it is better than nothing.

                    • 2loki4u

                      Re: Tombile SIM not working in India!



                      I'm presently in India and have Global 1+ added to my account - I arrived in Delhi on 03apr19 and then traveled on 04apr19 to Indore (MP Circle).


                      I have been served by iDEA  in Delhi and now iDEA MP here in Indore with excellent service quality but ZERO DATA...


                      I can set my s10+ to 3g/lte only and access the UMTS network if I do that - but in auto mode i am stuck on GSM - both scenarios are ZERO DATA...


                      The thing is - from the time I arrived until this morning 07apr19 I HAD DATA without issue - where-ever I was... I've been staying at the same hotel all week and served by the same sites but the data just STOPPED 100% this morning...


                      T-Mobile's Script Cards for troubleshooting are intended for the technically challenged types and are insanely annoying to repeat over and over again - especially because it should be readily apparent that it is a provisioning issue somewhere and not a hardware issue... Especially seeing as I provided proof of how many different radios I have connected to in both GSM and UMTS and have no data on any of them regardless of by better than -80dBm RX levels and good quality indicators - but alas - they just keep repeating the same nonsense about APN's, phone issues, site issues, setting the #RON# command - turning on and off mobile data and roaming data - not to mention manually selecting the operator - ALL TO NO POINT as after 5hrs of repeating the same steps over an over again - IT STILL DOESN'T WORK - WORSE is they have opened two tickets for it but by the time they even look at either ticket - I'll be leaving India - just like what happened when the same issue happened with my s8 when I was in the Bahamas two months back... NO RESOLUTION...


                      I might suggest that it would seem once I reached about 500mb of data iDEA just cut me off & blocked data entirely... (ohh btw - T-Mo people don't know that iDEA is actually Vodafone - so if they try to tell you that iDEA isn't their roaming partner (3 people did for me) just ignore them and tell them "Yeah - right - iI meant t's Vodafone"...


                      Not sure if I mentioned or not - but Voice and SMS Texting works without issue...


                      Also, attempted to register to the other 2 main operators here (Jio & Airtel) and both operators refuse registration - only iDEA will allow you to register and make calls / sms texts...


                      If you or anyone else resolve this issue - please mention me on here so I can find out - I may be coming back for another 2wk stint in a month so it would be great to know how they (T-Mo) fixes this issue (or if they do)...




                      Chris (2loki4u)

                        • pranx

                          Re: Tombile SIM not working in India!

                          I have been on international roaming in India since few months. Everything was working great till 2 weeks back, when I was on Vodafone network & I had DATA working as well. Ever since Vodafone started merging into IDEA, I also have the same issue now...strong signal on IDEA but NO DATA.


                          TMo needs to fix this with Vodafone/IDEA.