Unable to create a T-Mobile ID


    I'm using a T-Mobile ID from a family member since I'm unable to create one for myself and you can't post without an ID.


    I got new service for a Prepaid Account and ported my number from land line on 2/6 (a week & half ago).  Once my number ported over and I was successfully able to make and receive both calls and text on my ported over number, I tried to set up my T-Mobile ID for the first time.  I've tried both from the web and also from the ios app multiple times a day for the last 5 or 6 days.  I get the following message every time:


    "Uh-oh, it looks like we have our wires crossed.  Please try again later."


    Any ideas why I'm getting this message and how I can get this resolved and get my own T-Mobile ID so that I can log in to the web to manage my account?


    I thought maybe it was just because it was a new account or because I ported over my land line, but where it's been 5 days, I'm doubtful this is just going to resolve itself on it's own.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Unable to create a T-Mobile ID

        Hey there, magenta7733380!


        Welcome to T-Mobile and to our Support Community! I haven't seen a trend of this happening when porting over services or any known issues posted. At what point in registration do you see the error? Also, have you given us a call to have someone review your new account to make sure it's good to go?


        As far as the app goes, I don't recommend taking that route only because it's under construction for most prepaid users.

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          • majowi

            Re: Unable to create a T-Mobile ID

            Amanda,  I am at my wits end....I am a new TMO customer as well...Just ported 4 lines two days ago.  I am experiencing the same issue as the original poster stated....I cannot access my Tmobile ID account from computer....I'm only able to log into my acct via the Tmobile App on my iPhone. 


            I have spoken to 10 different customer service agents....3 supervisors...All promising to resolve my issue, yet no one has been successful...I just keep getting bounced around everywhere with no resolution.  I have also been promised call backs, and no one has followed through with that promise.  I last spoke with Jefferson in tech support this morning for 1 hr and 11 mins only to have him tell me he has to open a ticket and will call me back in the morning.  I don't any faith that he will...The other two agents who told me that did not follow through. 


            Bottom line, I cannot log into my account from my laptop....regardless of the browser I'm using....Each time I do, I get an error that states:  "F451:  uh oh, it looks like we have crossed our wires, please try again."  I have tried over and over and over to only receive the same error.


            I thought changing my password might be the fix....I clicked 'Forgot Password' link and I changed my password twice today and confirmed it changed because I got an email notification, each time and I'm also able to use the 'new' credentials on my iPhone app to log into my acct.  However, After changing the PW, I am still unable to access my account from my laptop browsers.


            I'm tired, I'm frustrated, and I just want to be able to access my account online from my laptop.  I received Netflix for free, when signing up but I'm unable to complete that registration because it takes me through my Tmobile ID login process and I keep getting the error I stated above.


            The agent I last spoke to is Jefferson (ID:297314) and he opened ticket # 22552486.  He promised me a call back tmw...However I am tired of sitting on the phone and being bounced around and 'promised' my issue will be fixed. 


            Lastly, I cannot find for the life of me how to start a 'NEW CONVERSATION' via this help portal. which is why I'm pigging backing on this thread....Either i'm completely missing it, or its so buried in the process it's intentionally hard to find. 


            Can someone PLEASE HELP ME!  I am beyond frustrated...I have lost almost 5 hrs of my life dealing with this, being placed on hold, and being transferred from person to person.  I need a live person to fix this and explain to me what the issue is.  I need someone competent and I need it take care of as soon as possible.  i do not have time to be missing work, personal meetings and other obligations to get this issue resolved. 


            Please assist me.

          • majowi

            Re: Unable to create a T-Mobile ID

            Hello, I too am having this exact same issue and am beyond frustrated.  I just ported over 4 lines of service from ATT where I was a customer for over 20 yrs.  My in store experience was great......until trying to set up my Tmobile ID for online access.  I was told in the store to wait 24 hrs....WHich I did...24 hrs later, I was still unable to set up my ID...I kept getting an error.  I called into customer service to start what has been one of the most frustrating experiences of my life and I am at my wits end...I have spent upwards of 4+ hrs on the phone, have been transferred 10 different times, have spoken to 3 supervisors and no one has been able to resolve my issue...All in 48 hrs mind you. 


            I have been promised call backs by two contact center agents...One was a supervisor who even sent me a text message confirming she'd call me today...The call never came.  I spent another 1 hr and 11 mins this morning on the phone with a Technical SUpport manager trying to resolve my issue.....and guess what...Still not resolved...Was told another ticket would have to be opened and he'd have to guess what....>Call me back in 24 hrs....I told him that's what the previous rep told me and she never called me back...He assured me he'd call me back....10 reps, 4+ hrs later...I'm a new customer unable to access my account online and I just seem to get bounced from rep to rep to rep and no one will take ownership to resolve and fix my problem. 


            Bottom line...I want to access my account online....Here's what's crazy...The first technical support rep somewhat got my issue resolved...She successfully set me up on her end, and I WAS able to successfully log into the Tmobile smart phone app on my iPhone Xr.  However, I am unable to log into my online account using those exact same credentials on my MacBook using Chrome or Safari, I can't log in on a Window's PC using Internet Explorer, and I can't log in on my iPhone Chrome browser either.  I'm completely stuck other than using the iPhone app.  The problem is, to register for the Free Netflix and Carrier Freedom, I need to be able to log into my account from my computer browser.


            Can someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!!  I have an existing ticket open...The ticket # is 22552486 and I last spoke with a manager named Jefferson (ID: 297314) who assured me he'd call me back tmw with a resolution.....This is what everyone up to this point has said.  I'm losing faith and am not sure what else to do but contact the CEO/Office of the President with a consumer complaint and ask him if this acceptable service for a customer who just ported over from a competitor they had been with for 20 years.