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    I placed an order for a SIM kit and as part of that order put in all my information to port my landline number. Received the SIM kit and although it said it would be active, when I put it into the phone it took me to T-mobile customer service, they internally transferred to 4-5 different teams - first activiation, then prepaid, then prepaid activation, then some other higher level team. They activated my sim and gave me a temporary number.

    2 days ago, I received an email from T-mobile that said my landline was ported. However, my cell phone does not show that still. I called customer service, again bounced between multiple teams - prepaid, pre-paid porting, pre-paid rebellion, resolution team.  No help still. My porting email shows a different account number and its all unclear who has the number and when it will get ported.

    All this while I am still paying for my landline also.

    Anybody have a situation similar? I don't want to spend another 90 minutes on the phone with their customer service (who to their credit are cheerful, peppy but of zero use in helping me get a solution).

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      • syaoran

        Re: Porting landline - no clear answers

        Is the number you are trying to port still active on the landline?  There are some situations where a number can not be ported.  Have you verified with the FCC's website to ensure your number is not classified under one of the set of circumstances that restricts your number from being ported?  My girlfriend's number wasn't able to be ported in because T-Mobile did not offer E911 service where your number was from.  Some rural communities also do not allow number porting due to having a very small block of numbers to pull from for the community or not enough for the population.

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Porting landline - no clear answers

          Hey portingrunaround


          Sorry to hear you are having to go through so much porting your number Landline ports sometimes take a bit longer due to technical variables but should not take any longer than 2 business days. If your number still has not ported over, we would need to speak with you again over the phone. If it is more convenient for you and you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use the links in my signature to message our T-Force team at our convenience.